Pyramid Scheme NFT

a honest crypto scam

This is a scam. If you participate you will probably lose the invested money. And I will get most of it. It's easier to just send me some ether directly:


Go read the wikipedia article. Don't participate.

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NFT that is honest about the scam

pyramid scheme nft token

Have you always wanted to get in on the NFT hype? But you didn't know if it's all just a big scam? Wonder no more - here's the Ethereum NFT where you know it is a scam!

This is a pyramid scheme as an ERC721 non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain. To join, you need an invite and 0.2 ETH entrance fee.

If you have a SCAM token, you can use it to invite more people. Friends, Family, or just anyone else you don't like. If someone joins with your direct invitation, you get 20% of the entrance fee. If they in turn invite someone else you get 20% of the remaining entrance fee.

But even if you don't have anyone to invite you still have this nice NFT. And NFTs can be worth millions. Maybe your SCAM token is one of those?

Possible profit

How much you get per invite:

  • Direct invitation: 20% ≙ 0.04 ETH
  • 1st level indirect invitation: 16% ≙ 0.032 ETH
  • Indirect invitation 2nd level: 12,8% ≙ 0.0265 ETH
  • And so on...

You have infinite invites and so do the people you invite.

Example profit:

Total Profit*
You invite 5 people0 ETH
These invite 5 additional people each0.8 ETH
These in turn invite 5 more people4.0 ETH
And 5 more each16.8 ETH

* minus any gas fee

Get Scammed

pyramid scheme nft token

Sorry. It looks like you do not have an invite.

Frequently asked questions


Why not?

This sound like a Ponzi scheme. Is this a Ponzi scheme?

Not quite.

I bought a SCAM token. I don't want it anymore. Can I get my money back?

You are kidding, right?

I have a SCAM token. Can I sell it?

Yes. It is a normal ERC721 non-fungible token. You can sell it on platforms like OpenSea.

I thought NFTs are about art. Why is this token image so ugly?

I spent at least 30 minutes on this image! Have some respect - this is fine art.

Do I need to do something to claim my part of the entrance fee?

No - the fee will be automatically distributed among to the account(s) holding the invitation tokens.

What happens, when this website is deleted? How can I invite people?

You can make sure that that's not possible.

You are viewing this website on . IPFS folder with the hash .

This means that as long as someone is pinning this website it will be always available through an IPFS gateway (for example ).

If you (or somebody) is pinning this website you will be able to invite people using an IPFS gateway. The website is build in a way that it works with both this URL and the IPFS gateway URL.

This looks like I can actually make some money here. How is this a scam?

If I get 20% from whoever I invite who gets the remaining 80%?

Me (or whoever is the owner of the root token).

What is the address of the smart contract?